1. Baker Street
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  2. sinderley
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    The 2014 world cup has finally come around, thought it'd be fun to have a "bet".

    Just simply comment the name of who (The country/team) you think will win below, no prize :p, just purely for fun. No, they don't have to be serious, but if you want to lose then congrats! ^_^ Prime example: England, never going to win, just not gonna happen because we're absolute rubbish :I

    My bet: The Netherlands
  3. phillgates2
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    Due yo the updated Eula for mojan we will be doing some changes to the donation system soon
  4. cccdfern
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    As you may have noticed, the server has been up and down a fair bit the last week or so, this is due to database issues with our host.

    We are very sorry, But the 1.8 reset has had to be moved forward to now due to how the conversion process works for merely upgrading to 1.7.9, all user files were lost/no longer synced. After the user files turned up wiped, we decided to do a proper clean-out of the server and plugins in preparation for the 1.8 patch while in the meantime upgrading to 1.7.9....
  5. Sh1rts
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    K So Sh4rts doesn't own a car, he only has a horse license. And a girlfriend who has a car which he borrows. So don't need one :) not really a car person tbh, they do a job - they're great when it's raining or you need to carry people or stuff.

    FORTUNATELY!! Horse license also lets u ride a motorbike. TRUTH. Motorbikes is what Sh4rts loves, I'll post my last 3 and try to dig up pics of ones before that. Any other OZ-ers into bikes, post 'em here brothers :)

    inb4 bikes are dangerous waa waa...