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    Hi to all you OZ champs!

    I tried to follow the link given in bans/appeals thread, but that just gave me an error message, so I thought I'd post here.

    I have played on your Enemy Territory ETpub xpsave server before, but have been absent for some time. I tried to hop on this evening for a casual sesh but I found that I have been banned for hacking, which bewilders me, having never done so! I am not sure when the ban was placed on my IP, but I am guessing my housemate is to blame for the ban,...
  3. Baker Street
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    We have decided to make these changes in light of the recent decline of players coming to the server, Hunger-Games is no longer being updated and plug-ins like factions are being redesigned by their makers to suit much bigger servers. Thus we are choosing a different direction and going with it.

    I know this won't fly well for everyone, but this is the direction we are choosing; PVP will be restricted to the Arena world, where there will be a few choices: The current Meza arena will be...