1. Burgo855
    Created by Burgo855
    Instead of linking people to etkey.org for an etkey just make a simple php etkey generator.

    Here is the script i made:


    * © Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved ©
    * http://www.xfire.com/profile/burgo855

    * Let's make people download the php, as a etkey.file.

    header("Content-Type: application/force-download");...
  2. Baker Street
    Created by Baker Street
  3. sinderley
    Created by sinderley

    The 2014 world cup has finally come around, thought it'd be fun to have a "bet".

    Just simply comment the name of who (The country/team) you think will win below, no prize :p, just purely for fun. No, they don't have to be serious, but if you want to lose then congrats! ^_^ Prime example: England, never going to win, just not gonna happen because we're absolute rubbish :I

    My bet: The Netherlands
  4. phillgates2
    Created by phillgates2 in category Gameing
    Due yo the updated Eula for mojan we will be doing some changes to the donation system soon