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  1. cccdfern
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    Over the past week or so XP on the pub server has not been saving, we are working to fix this so please be patient.
  2. Lil-Shock
    Created by Lil-Shock
    Hi, My name is John, better known as Lil-Shock. I'm 24 and Originally from Kenya however lived here in Australia for 14 years. Used to be in OZ back in 2010, round that time, when there were oldschool maps etc on Wolf ET. I got into uni and gave the game (ET) a rest. Thought now would be a good time to get back into it.

    Does amyome play ARMA 3? Just a quick question. :et13:

    Hope to see you guys in server for some GG :D
  3. cccdfern
    Created by cccdfern in category Gaming
    Comments and Feedback to This Thread please.

    • Set skill XP requirements to "100 400 500 800"
    • g_medicSelfhealTime 5000 The time in milliseconds that a medic cannot heal himself after being hit
    • XPSave is being changed to 40k = reset, so once you reach 40,000 xp, you are reset to 0 total & in all skills
    • Bot max xp set to 10
    • Quantity of ranks/levels changed from...
  4. magneTiK
    Created by magneTiK
    Hi everyone , I used to play on OZ a long time ago , but I thought I'd reinstall ET some for gg's.

    I've met a couple of you on Teamspeak and a couple here and there in game.

    Cheezel still makes me look bad, lol.
  5. cccdfern
    Created by cccdfern in category Gaming